Apple Vision Pro

Not a Vision, a Statement

By Olivier Malanda

I am about to share a true story with you. A mind-expanding, future-altering story.
It may sound like a tale. It is not.
This story will open your eyes to what lies ahead…

Let me introduce you to Ian.
Ian is a close friend of mine. He works in a prestigious tech-firm. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, he’s an expert when it comes to innovation

Two weeks ago, Ian reached out to me on the phone.
He’s initial silence caught me off guard. Ian, upbeat by nature, seemed different this time.

“What’s wrong, Ian”? I asked, genuinely concerned.

“I saw…I saw the Future!” he said.

I could sense a mix of absolute certainty, excitement and a hint of…fear in his voice.

“What?! What do you mean?”…All this sounded like an enigma to me.

“I can’t describe it. This is something you want to experience for yourself..”did he replied after a few long seconds.

FAST FORWARD, I trusted my friend, took a leap of faith and ordered the device he was referring to – the Vision Pro.

I had to be patient though.

Vision Pro is not just another generic wearable you procure online.

For those of us who wear glasses (like myself), Vision Pro needs to be custom-tailored to your prescription lenses. The process was seamless and efficient.

And when I eventually received the headset a week later, I immediately understood Ian’s excitement.

I got teleported in the Future…


The futuristic, organic design of the enclosure was visually appealing, almost inviting me to put it on, reminiscent of “The Mask.”

I have to admit that the first 2 minutes were unexpected and surreal.

In the initial calibration phase, I had to leave this spatial computer adapt to my senses.

And then, it happened.

The welcoming Vision IOS completely blew me away.

I quickly realized that the floating icons were responsive…to my eye movements!…with a phenomenal accuracy.

And when I spontaneously tried to touch an icon, the system genuinely responded.

I felt like in a cloud. Anywhere I looked, Vision Pro was effortlessly reading my mind.

Navigating through the interface was pure bliss—a blend of enchanted reality and daydreaming, an indescribable feeling of power, fluidity, and ease.

Ian was right all along.

The only thing that prevented me from completely losing track of time and space was the fading-in system that gently kept me connected to the physical reality.

I experienced


 a Technological Shock

Now, I must confess, I’m not as tech-savvy as Ian, but I know greatness when I experience it firsthand

Spatial audio is what really sucked me in.

The 4-Dimensional sound, assembled in absolute sync with the movements, augmented all my senses…without any invasive ear-plug. Astonishing!

But wait! The magic did not stop here.

Ian actually joined me…on Facetime!

I found myself conversing with a highly rich-rendered 3D model of  my friend; a persona that flawlessly captured every physical and facial expression. 

“Let me show you something” he whispered…

Notes_Spatial Audio

I jumped when I heard the pristine notes of a piano filling the air.

In fact, I recognized Alicia Key’s piano!

Yes! Alicia Keys was playing just before my eyes and ears. The quality, intimacy, proximity, and warmth of the sound were unparalleled.

I rediscovered the song and the Artist.

Each note was resonating within me like a singular sensorial phenomenon.

I was floored.

Now, I may sound like an ecstatic child who just experienced the ride of a lifetime, but I can’t help it. This is genuinely how I feel. You deserve to experience this for yourself. 

 The Quintessence of an

Immersive Future

We’re witnessing the first time ever users where users can seamlessly merge their physical and digital lives…

That’s a profound paradigm shift. That’s the Future.

And the creators of this window to the Future have forged the ultimate legacy :


They redefined the Law of Physics by condensing the Present and the Future. 


Here’s how.

With 23 sensors and 23 million pixels catalyzing hypnotic experiences, one might be lead to believe in a irreconcilable rift between real life and the digital realm. A permanent disconnect between both worlds.

If you’ve ever seen movies like “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One,” you’ll understand what I mean.

Fear not!

With Vision Pro’s outward-facing interface, you remain in full control.

This brilliant feature achieves the surprising superposition of the Present and the Future.

I can have natural, normal interactions with people in my physical world while evolving in the digital one. I am visible, accessible, and physically present in my environment at any time, all thanks to the magic of the lenticular system. No other headset can offer such an experience.

Apple Vision Pro doesn’t exclude my physical world, it smoothly blends me into the Future. That’s not a claim. That’s a statement! A visionary statement.

And I know…there have been a lot of “discussions” about the price of this particular statement. Let’s talk about it.

Apple Sensors<br />

Credit: Apple

 If you think $3500 is too much…


Now, Let me be very open here.

I think Apple could have done a better job when trying to “rationalize” the price point.

If I recall correctly, they built a story line around the original McIntosh – released almost 40 years ago –at $2500 which, adjusted for inflation, equates to $7300 today.

Yes. Absolutely true and economically correct! But so what?!
I guess this doesn’t fully resonate with everyone, especially in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Maybe you’re with me on this…

What’s more, comparing Vision Pro to a more expensive yet possibly less advanced product like Varjo-XR3 didn’t strike a chord with me (contrary to Alicia Key’s piano). We all recognize the amazing products Apple creates, but this marketing angle of isolating, magnifying, and contrasting a feature against a competitor is not what we’ve come to expect.

What really  convinced me to take out my credit card is that Vision Pro embodies one of those rare, disruptive and visionary moments in a lifetime when you feel proud to be and THINK different.Our world is changing. Do you think Different?

And do you keep thinking Different?

As a convinced user now, I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try, keeping in mind that this is just the first version of its kind.

Embrace the future with Vision Pro today.

Don’t settle for anything less than the extraordinary.

To your vision, to your future.



Order Your Future Now


And we believe Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that can make our vision a reality.Bob Iger. CEO of Disney


I literally haven’t used or seen it, but we’ve always felt computing will evolve beyond the black rectangles. We will have more immersive experiences. I’m excited about the potential for the technology“. Sundar Pichai. CEO of Google


The text above is written for educational purposes only. This is not intended to be an actual ad for Apple Vision Pro. I am not remunerated nor receive any kind of compensation from the company to write this example of fictitious Sales Letter.