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From my desk in Grenoble, Update : 30th of January, 2024

Dear Empire Builder,

Where do you see your business 2, 5 and 15 years from now?

I’m asking this genuine question because of a cold statistic.

A gloomy figure.

I got it from the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

75% of New Businesses will Not cross the 15-YEAR Line!

That’s brutal!

And brace!!

Because with the irreversible AI-disruption, a 15 year timeline will soon look like an eternity!

Yet, this is not necessarily a bad news.

Let me explain.

If you know that you are somehow statistically limited in your business lifespan,


it means one thing.

The Brutal Truth

Your Business MUST Stand out and thrive Very rapidly!!

You otherwise run the (statistical) risk of

disappearing after 2 years (20% probability)


perishing during the first 5 years (45% probability!!)

Told you this was brutal, brutal it is!

If you’re familiar with National Geographic,

your business is statistically as vulnerable as a just born antelope…during the dry season.

No time to waste…

You entered the Do or Die Arena.

Your Only Lifeline,

The Absolute and Inalienable Laws of a Growing Business

They will always prevail.

#1. Your Sales Performance is ALWAYS predicated by how well you understand your clients and how well you articulate the value you’re bringing in the marketplace.

#2. Your Profit will highly depend on how you operate and optimize the business.

Nothing more!


this is where most entrepreneurs get lost.

Lost in jargon, vanity metrics, flashing object syndrome and even sometimes…

a well-crafted yet unsustainable window dressing.

Again, You have No time for that!

…But wait!

My Spider sense is tingling.Yes!

Let me guess…

You probably experienced at least one full cycle of the

“DO-THIS-TRY THAT” (brain-)washing machine…

The Washing Machine…Also called the Wheel of Doom!!

Sounds like a perfect title for the next Indiana Jones movie but who’s now hanging dry, angry and customer-less?!!

Fortunately for us, long-lasting success lives clues.
The most iconic (read profitable) marketing campaigns have one thing in common.
My mentor, Sifu Dan Lok synthetized it perfectly:

“It’s Not the thing, it’s the thing that sells the thing!”

Yes, catching Attention, Sparking Interest and Getting the Sale is an Art

And like any form of Art executed at a high level…it’s “difficult”.

– Competition never sleeps

– There’s No Magic formula

– Human attention span is vaporizing,

while you, aka the Entrepreneur, bears the constant risk of being ROA$ted!!

I learned that lesson the hard way…

I’ve been in the trenches myself,

…and got slaughtered

multiple times.

Hopefully, I’m a quite persistent person….
but soooooo much time wasted!!!

This is exactly why I want you to avoid all of the  “Same-player-shoot again-but-please-insert-coin-here” pitfalls.

Crickets in live webinars (even your friends DNF and…the crickets had to mute themselves because of  the embarrassment!)

No shows at FREE?! consultations…and you keep ranting about these deranged prospects

❌ Blowing money away – “Casa de Papel’ style

“I will [NEVER EVER] get back to you”…My favorite… A Classic!

🥴 Finding yourself in Lateral Safety Position after another Meta-Campaign

❌Trying to “understand the algorithm” a la Stockholm Syndrome

❌Powerless in front of your hourly rate…melting faster than our poor ice cap

❌Asking The Incredible Hulk for help with Anger Management when you see competitors “doing the exact same thing”…with 20X your results…and a “crappy offer”!

❌Going “fifty shades of pray” to attract your next clients…

Sounds familiar to you?

Been there already?

Is that bad luck?

Are the forces of business creation silently conspiring against you? Muhahaha!!!

Not at all!

In fact…believe it or not,

You’ve been offered a wonderful opportunity to Change your Relationship with Rejection

“An allegory of your Business vs. the Market when the Market is not “cooperating”.

It hurts…it’s embarrassing…it’s televised, and damn right it’s personal…cause ultimately, responsibility is on you…(ouch!). But guess what! You should cherish these precious moments, because,

if you’re ready to
dust-off your shoulders,
– proudly show off your bruises like brand new tattoos
– and switch to “unbreakable” mode, then

I may have a part of the antidote…

My refreshing contribution to your new life!

But, hold on!

Before I proceed…some words of wisdom.

Be mentally prepared:
Customers will Not chase you en-masse like in a Z-movie to brainlessly buy all your products and services

You will Not magically “10X Your Sales”… by tomorrow, right after you share your bank details with me.

TIME is always ticking⏳. Always!

And one last thing please. Tough love ahead…

If the fear of failure still keeps you paralyzed,

well, dear young antelope,

it will not get any better…because the way business is made is accelerating…radically!

But if you’re receptive to the idea of changing the current trajectory of your business,

at least till the end of this page,

that’s awesome!

Here’s what I have for you

No need to walk on fire or promise me anything

In the next days, I will

#1. Take care of your Marketing Research to identify the best ways to approach your prospects

#2. Formulate a Personalized List of recommendations to help you efficiently capture these leads and get new clients

#3. and…Execute the very First Step of this strategy for you!


Yep, you read that right!

No hard-earned €/$/£/ or ฿ of yours will ever💸 leave your wallet before you get to see the changes with your own eyes 🤩.

Today is the day.
I hand to you an exclusive costless opportunity to answer the 3 hair-on-fire questions

#1. Can it Sell?
If so, to Whom?

#2. How to Attack the Market?

#3. Does it Work?

Why would I do that?

3 simple reasons.
#1. Time has changed

Clients are getting more and more sophisticated…In short, they’ve seen it all!

Yes! You probably noticed:

If skepticism 🤨 were a currency,
worldwide poverty would be eradicated and
we would all be happily living our best lives…in Wakanda.

#2. Time is precious

You probably reached this page because you’re looking for answers.

What if you could directly get some support,

without having to screen around,

without trying to Copy/Paste some random technique

and without ending up testing the wrong hypotheses?!

#3. Reality-check

More a matter of personal awareness and full transparency:

As of today, I can’t technically flood you with
– kilometers of recommendations,
– petabytes of dithyrambic testimonials or
– decades of social-media content.

So, I chose the humility-route.

I’m making the first move by giving you a glimpse of what you can get BEFORE you invest a single penny

❌ No Masterclass…
❌ No Free Report.
❌ No Cheat sheet (who would cheat anyway?)
❌ No unspecific plain-vanilla “roadmap” leading to ?-Land

I get the job done!


wait for it!

There’s a catch.

Obviously, quality means time and focus,
and I just can’t randomly pull out any obscure (Tadaa:!) strategy out of my busy hat, right?

This is why I make a maximum of

2 Qualified Free Interventions like these per month!!


I “gotta know if you’re down with it…
kind of right now ⏰!”


Very easy steps for a great reward!

BOOK your 1H-Gravity Session Now

Be quick! Only 2 FREE spots until  July

Who the Hell is this guy who will
do my Marketing for Me…for FREE?!

Olivier is a trained Microelectronics Engineer, Certified Project Manager, Sales Manager and holds an MBA.

In the Corporate brick and mortar world, he sold 150+ million Euros in Energy Projects across Europe and Africa in the last 4 years only!!!

But guess what?!

The Digital World is another Animal…

In the last 3 years, Olivier invested massively in developing copywriting and digital skills by learning from the Best.

[…And this is the part where you normally expect the violins and the touching multimillion rags-to-riches Hero story…]


it did not exactly go that way,
and Olivier is not shy about it.

In fact, he has a Redemption story…(here’s the summary; you’ll get the video when we discuss).

There it is.

5 Reasons why Olivier had to Close his first online Business

And what to do instead 
Lessons from Olivier

If you can internalize and max out on at least one of these painful lessons…

you’ll save yourself an immense amount of time…

and keep bags of money in your pockets.


Oh, Look!

By the time you were reading this (…and taking notes!) , I got the first of many 


“Olivier m’a donné toutes les billes pour organiser le lancement de ma future O.N.G. C’est clair et sans fioriture. Impossible d’y laisser sa chemise :-)”

Thibaud Guillaume

Business Developer

…And for the record, I did not close the business because I couldn’t deliver

The bitter yet unbelievable truth is that I systematically helped my clients get exceptional results

Problem is that it happened only when I did have those clients

meaning definitely NOT on a consistent basis

Here’s what they had to say..after one month only!!!

“Le cours m’a aidée à me dépasser”


Education, Canada

“La structure étiat très claire. […] Olivier est très attentif aux élèves et à leurs progrès. C’ést intensif but it’s worth it!”


Managing Director, The Netherlands

“J’avais besoin de maîtriser le français en en minimim de temps. […] Le cours était très efficace.”


Managing Director, Brazil

Dear Empire Builder,

unless you want to replicate this this fatal « best kept secret approach » in your Industry, I urge you to

BOOK your 1H-Gravity Session Now

or let the Marketplace Willsmith you again and again while you’re on stage

The exact objective ?

Help you distort the attention gravity,

meaning getting more exposure,

more “eyeballs”,

more interactions,

to start building an irrepressible momentum.

This may not happen overnight…

But with the explosive powers of social media,

and a thoroughly developed (and personalized) approach,

you can expect to inexorably convert qualified leads

What about that ?

…Now you understand why I used a black hole (bending Matter, Light and…⏳Time⏳) in the header🤯 !

All about naturally and inevitably attracting your clients

All right!

At this stage,

you saw my scars,

and…[spider sense], the reasonable doubt starts kicking in your head,

like if the Thing  (I mean the Adams Family Thing) was trying to reach your mouse,

and boldly left-click the button above👆

Well,…while the Thing is doing its thing, let’s rationally evaluate

Your Worst Case Scenario

✅ Your Marketing Research is Done

✅ You have  Customized Recommendations to execute a solid Strategy

✅ The first Mile is Done For You

✅ You Spared yourself countless sleepless nights

✅ Your purchasing Power is Unharmed

…and Olivier is Like:

So, What are you waiting for?!

Are you Seriously gonna wait another month?!

…Stop playing Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner with your next clients before I shut down this crazy offer.

BOOK your 1H-Gravity Session Now

Be quick! Only 2 FREE spots per month

Oh! , If you’re still fighting « The Thing », now going up and doing on your screen, I’m happy to take some 

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do you have or (claim) to have?

In principle I can do Sales Page, Landing Page, e-mail sequences, funnels, scripts, content writing …

I experienced first hand Youtube ads. I can write Facebook ads but the underlying process remains…a mystery to me.

More importantly, the coherent strategy that keeps the thing together will be my forte.

How much will I spend if I want to work with you?

Good question, especially if you just received the burn notice from your current agency, or couldn’t fully leverage your own capabilities…

Nothing wrong with that.

I will give you 3 different answers on that one

#1. Dan Kenny’s answer : “Whoever Can Spend The Most To Acquire a Customer Wins”.

#2. Olivier (the MBA) answer : “Whoever Can Spend The Most To Economically Acquire a Customer Wins”.

#3. Olivier (your adviser). I get paid on results. The more money I generate (for your business), the more I get paid.

#3bis Olivier (your double-talk-free advisor)
Your DYOR will confirm that the face value of my FREE intervention ranges between 1500€ and 4K€!

If you want to go the paid traffic route,
the vital minimum is around 20-30 €/day. (I recommend 50+€ as a starter; difficult to otherwise extract meaningful intelligence).

You want to be able to sustain this expense for several months (’s an iterative process)

Your traffic expense is yours. Meaning, it comes on top of the service I provide.

If you want to go the organic way

This is absolutely possible but may be slower…ie. more time
It requires much more discipline, tenacity and soft skills…
Doable anyway.

A combination of both is achievable.

So now, let me shift the tables…

If I can save you approx. 3K from the get go and show you some improvements, wouldn’t that alone justify a ROI-(for the lack of better at least at the beginning) based relationship?

“I don’t need copywriting, I have AI.”


But I think we (as Humans) lost the “battle” long time ago.

This happened exactly in 1997 when Garry Kasparov lost to Deep Blue.

It’s no longer about using AI or not,
it’s about how well it can be leveraged.

Do you work in other Languages?

Oui. I’m French, with a very good command of my native tongue ☺. Pas de problème!

We can have a business conversation in Spanish

Mein Deutsch ist immer noch schlecht, leider..

Creole may not help Much ..unless you‘re talking building strong intimacy with a very very very specific TA (Target audience)

To conclude, I will be comfortable working for you in French and/or English!

And what if there’s no FREE spot available?

Then you can do 3 things.

#1. Wait until another spot is available

#2. Wait until I close this extravagant offer and then add my name to the Machine of Doom!

#3. Choose action! We can start with a smaller-scale example to get you comfortable or get things going on a more aggressive baseline. You’ll need to start the process by booking your Gravity Session Anyway.

How do I know if I qualify ?

I think I told you before laughing: Book this 1H-Gravity Session Now.

And voilà !

It’s time for me to give you a last opportunity to attack, attract and impact your industry like very few players will.

This starts right now when you


Your Spot may Already be gone by now 😱